FanNav is an app that personalizes the outcomes of live entertainment you consume, live (at the venue) or remotely (watching on TV) by aggregating the key statistics and data of the event. As such FanNav enables you to maintain records of each moment, increase the relevance of every experience to your own life and have a simple output to remember the details

For example: How many games have you seen your favorite team play, live and on TV? What’s your win ratio? How many times have you seen your favorite player and how did he perform? How many stadiums have you visited? And so much more. All this information will then be stored and easily retrievable by year, team, venue, friend or player. 

The app is for all of us who enjoy watching sports. You don’t have to be a “die hard” fan to use the App. Some of us only watch a few games a year on TV, which actually makes it even harder to remember the key statistics of the games you saw, or sometimes makes us feel like “not real fans” as we only cheer for a team for the big games (a final, or a derby game). Fan Nav will be there at your side, and will connect all the games you saw and attended, showing your personal aggregated statistics. If you only watch 5 games a year, after ten years that’s 50 games...and we call that a real fan!